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Introducing Hypeal:
the Stock Market of Ideas
and Startups.

Hypeal is revolutionizing fundraising

by offering monetization of private investments, issuing tradable tokens. 

Bridging the gap between tokenization and consumer adoption

With a market size of $560+ billion, there's an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the growing trend of tokenization of traditional assets. 

Ideas have
no limits

The market of ideas is endless. Hypeal is where ideas can be shown, protected and validated.

Trust the team as they prove their value

It's all about trust: founders on Hypeal commit to a strategy, investors confirm their investment every 6 months.

Funding is
the key to success

Hypeal is the place for startups that look for funding as they exit accelerators, incubators, etc

Be the first to know, monetise your knowledge

Investors can lock in the price of tokens before campaigns launch: founders raise more, investors monetise quickly.

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Access the Preview Release

Join the Hypeal community now, and create the NASDAQ of ideas, startups, and public companies.

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Your go-to-place to start, finance & exit a business.
Along with your community.

Hypeal's business model includes issuing & trading fees for recurring revenue and coin capitalization, making it a scalable and sustainable platform. 


However, there are challenges to overcome, such as regulatory compliance and increasing the adoption of tokenization technology, which we are addressing with transparency and safety nets. 

By joining the Hypeal community, you will contribute to creating the NASDAQ of ideas, startups and public companies.

Our Team

Powered by a team that has successfully exited a business, raised more than $5M with crowdfunding, and created and developed software products with millions of users.

Tackling a huge market opportunity, with credentials


Market opportunity


Products launched


Community reach

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